This wiki has been created for the benefit of Oakland University, M.Ed. in Education Leadership students who are taking EL 690, the final course in the master's program.
It will be used for communicating and sharing of resources. The students listed on the left are members of this wiki and each has a designated page. In addition, pages have been created for seven of the eight standards adopted by the State of Michigan for the preparation of school leaders.

Important! M.Ed. in Leadership students are required to complete the following self-assessment. Read and follow the directions completely. You will submit this completed document electronically by March 28.

The OU MEd is based on the 2008 Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium ( ISLLC ) Standards and the 2009 National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators ( NETS-A ) as adopted by the Michigan Board of Education for the preparation of school leaders.

The Educational Leaders Constituent Council (ELCC) has taken the ISLLC Standards and reworded them in the form of the expected knowledge and abilities that an aspiring leader
should possess. Their wording makes it easier to ask questions of oneself in terms of readiness for a formal leadership role.
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ELCC 2009.doc

The following file is the syllabus for EL 690, winter 2011.
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I ran across 99%, a think tank devoted to helping creative professionals put their ideas into action. (Thomas Edison remarked,"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.")
It is an interesting organization and I encourage you to browse their web site. For now click on the featured article "Shaping the Future, 7 Predictions for the Creative Community" and then scroll down to prediction # 5, which discusses the use of digital portfolios.

Forbes magazine article predicts that the on line presence of job-seekers will replace their old fashioned resume.
What is an on line presence? Do you have one?
What is personal branding? What's your brand?

This infographic presents evidence of the importance of your E-Reputation.

How about your Personal Learning Network? Do you have one? The video below was put together for educators by educators.

This video provides an introduction to Google Sites.

This page will help you get started to create your personal Google Site

Important Resource : Google Sites tutorial.

APA Tutorial

The Daily Riff web site (one of my favs) has just (12/30/10) announced their "Edu-Person of the Year".
Who do you think it might be?
Actually, it is four people who produced things that kept public education in front of the public eye.
Get the picture? (That's a hint!)
Have you seen their work?
What did you think? What, if any, affect might such films have on public education?

The Daily Riff reports on teachers who are "Doing the flip!" Have you considered flipping? Maybe you are flipping and don't know it?
Check out this little report and the accompanying videos.

So. I've discovered Edmodo.com which describes itself as an interface for all other web 2.0 tools.
Now, who can help me understand exactly what Edmodo does and how it works?
Okay, I found my own answer on this web site that seems to be by a teacher for teachers who are incorporating technology into their instruction. This particular link introduces Edmodo via a slide show and a You Tube video. (BC)

Does this little exercise make a point about how we sometimes miss changes ocurring right in front of us?

Here are the five best sites for free "brain games" for kids according to this blogger.

Who teaches 4th grade? Might this 4th grader be the next American Idol?

Here's a little "quiz" for you. What do you believe the majority of teachers say they need from their principal? This 2007 survey by Public Agenda supports my answer, how about yours? (BC) (Public Agenda does some very interesting and useful studies and ed leaders should be aware of its publications. The Hechinger Report is an excellent source for Ed Leaders and I recommend you subscribe to their RSS feed to your IGoogle page in your Reader or a gadget.)

Ever seen kinetic art?

ASCD publishes many excellent books for ed leaders. However, ASCD also creates short video presentations of those authors discussing the main points of their books. This is a great resource for the busy leader.

Need an inspiring, 5 minute, video to show your students? Look no further!

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