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Standard 4:
In this article, a school in Philadelphia has been enhancing their language services for parents who do not speak English. The government is pushing harder for public service agencies (including schools) to provide services for those who are non-English-speaking. It states that the agency, or school in this case, has to provide interpreters. The Memo states that the agency has to provide "meaningful access to people with limited-English skills." It proceeds to talk about the high cost of providing this service.
Civil Rights Deal Signals Federal Push for Translation Services

Standard 7:
The Best Way to Reach Each Student? Private School Math Teacher Flips Learning.
I thought this article was interesting, but would take quite a bit of preparation from the teacher. This particular teacher would create a PowerPoint for each of her lessons. Then she would video tape herself teaching the lesson to the powerpoint and finally she would edit the video to add cursers to the power point and expand various parts of the lesson. She would upload the lesson to the website and to iTunes for her students to watch prior to class. When they were actually in class, she found she had time to work with them one-on-one with their AP Calculus problems. Also, before the test, her students could review lessons once or twice and go back to things they didn't understand.(KCP)

Standard 3:
Strategic Planning in School Districts: Here is a handy guide to strategic planning that I thought was interesting. I find that my school is constantly thinking about our "strategic plan" and where we will be in 5 years, etc. I think this gives us something help keep our sights on the future and something to look forward to, work toward, and rally around.
"Strategic Planning. ERIC Digest Series Number EA 41.
Most school board members and district administrators instinctively like the idea of strategic planning. Many of them, however, confess to being confused over exactly what it is and what it requires. Strategic planning, writes William Cook, Jr. (1988), is "aimed at total concentration of the organization's resources on mutually predetermined measurable outcomes." An effective plan, by this definition, encompasses an organization's entire resources and purpose. It must be constructed deliberately and thoughtfully." >>full story

Standard 2:
I find it very curious how parents expect their children to be all "A" students. What is wrong with encouraging kids to do their best, study hard, and take chances? So many times, we measure success by a letter grade, when it's proven that people learn through their mistakes. When a baby is learning how to walk, how does she learn? Well, she falls. Then, she gets back up and tries again. Learning how to walk means you have to fall a few times. Why do we expect our children to go through 13 years of education and never stumble or fall?
This fits into Standard 2 because I feel we need to create a culture of educating our children to be their best, to learn how they learn best, and to be creative innovative thinkers, not just good test takers. (KCP)

"A" students tend to become professors, and "C" students become wealthy donors...

Another article that supports this is an article I found on Wilson Select database called, Boosting Students' Can-Do Attitude where on page 5 it says mistakes are a natural part of learning. (KCP)