Case Studies

The following reading replaces Case Study # 8. After reading this article from the March, 2011, issue of the Kappan, click on the Discussion tab above and then click on Teacherpreneurs to share your reactions and questions. This article by Barnett Berry is based on the new book, Teaching 2030, that we discussed briefly in class.
Try this link to access the article or the file attached below.

The case studies comprise part C of the Weekly Wiki Work. Click on the Discussion tab above and you will see a title for the week's entry (e.g. Case Study # 1). Do not create a "New Post". Click on that subject and use the Message box to submit your contribution by clicking Post below the box. I want wiki members to be able to see all of the previous contributions in a continuous stream. click on the Monitor box so you will be notified when other wiki members add contributions.
Your contribution will include a description of how you would handle the situation described in the case. Feel free to Reply to the contributions of other wiki members.
Brian Clark