Assigned Readings

The assigned readings comprise part B of the Weekly Wiki Work. Click on the Discussion tab above and you will see a title for the week's entry (e.g. Savvy Leader, Ch. 1). Click on that subject and use the Reply box to submit your contribution. Do not create a New Post. I want all wiki members to be able to see all of the previous contributions in a continuous stream.
Your contribution will include a paragraph of your reaction/reflection to the reading and a discussion question intended to engage all members of the class in an exchange of answers, possibly on the wiki but certainly in class.
Brian Clark

A 2003 study, "Making Sense of Leading Schools" found, that regardless of school type, there are seven aspects of school leadership. In the end, this study found that principals are diagnosticians in that they must determine which aspects of leadership are needed at any given time. Evans' ch. 1 brought this study to mind.

Evan's discussion of problems vs. dilemmas brought this handout to mind. It summarizes the little book that we read last summer in EL 540.